Intuition will never lead you to harm

Our way of life

Combining our plant based diet with our spirituality we view beings as a whole we see no separation between mind , body and spirit . We provide healthy options for our community whether it be natural products or wholesome foods. Our products which include elixirs, body butters , soaps , clothing and accessories are hand-crafted. Our services which include spiritual consultations, meal planning, dietary support, holistic healing and divination are offered in order to encourage the spiritual growth and well being of our community.

let food be your medicine let medicine be your food

Our food

Our mission is to provide afforabdle , nutritious food to our community. All items are crafted with the intentions to not only nourish the body but also to feed the soul. " We are what we eat" and we choose to create foods that support longeity and wellness devoting our menu to fresh, plant basd foods and natural fruit juices.

the building of friendship , family, community and love is complicated . We are so isolated in this country, no longer supported by tribes and villages.
— Jasmine Guy

Our Events

In order to uplift our community we must understand the power of group economics , networking and above all charity .   SUNDAZE is a movement created to uplift the conscious community and empower individuals with similar interests , SUNDAZE connects conscious consumers to conscious producers by building a network of spirituality uplifted individuals.